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Marco de Vincenzo Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Milan (with itw)

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Marco de vincenzo promotes 100% made in italy! as a good ambassador, the designer is making and claiming his collection in his own country. he finds his ideas in his hometown of rome, where his inspirations are taken from marble, inlaid antique fabrics and speckled, optical effects. printed silk and leather skirts are pleated to create fan shapes, pencil skirts are teamed with ribbed jumpers for an urban touch. fur is combined with vinyl bands to create a cape that can be worn with absolutely nothing underneath! marco de vincenzo : it's always about italy because italy is around me, i live here and it's a beauty i know very well because i live in rome and the colours, the marbled prints, the granular patterns are always something that i find very, very inspiring. i did a strong research in fabrics, i think it was my starting point because i was looking for something very, very new, even the black is never a plain black dress. some special textures, something that becomes something different when you look at the dress very close. and it was very interesting to find, to discover in italy, everything you need, you can think of something and immediately find the best country where your idea can be true. it's all made in italy and it's a story about italy, absolutely. music from fashion show