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Aganovich Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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A lot of poetry and a certain mystery emerges from the aganovich collection. brooke taylor and nana aganovich were inspired by images of old machines and factories to construct a sculptural and voluminous silhouette with a play on asymmetry. lines are worked in shades of bronze, blue and black. volumes are exaggerated for long dresses with asymmetrical collars cut to a point. the show finishes with a series of long black coats in which one is wrapped like a blanket. music from fashion show interview brooke taylor : we often look deeper in the beginning of the 20th century, in the images of artistic movements. so we took a lot of images of old machinery and old factories and this is what we started with. it gave us an obsession with lines because in every image of the machines there are so many lines, so we worked for this line effect which enters the body and then emerges. nana aganovitch : when the drawing process is finished, which is very short, we spend most of the time on fitting models, so it's a big process of working with the models and seeing the silhouette and how it develops. brooke taylor : we always have clown shoes because when i met nana, she wore clown make-up in her everyday life, so there's always a clown touch in the collections and that's why there's this girl that's a bit eccentric or clown-like in the makeup. it came about by accident, but there was this migration side, of masked people leaving a country, there were some images like that, gypsies who go from country to country.