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Z Zegna-Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Milan (with itw)

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At z zegna, the look that’s more and more sleek and modern continues to evolve each season. the creative and innovative line of ermenegildo zegna shows a decidedly urban man, who reinterprets his basics. a jacket finishes as a trapeze, worn sleeveless or even disappears in favor of a shirt without buttons and can be worn as an overcoat. paul surridge, creative director plays with contradictions; he proposes pastel colors from white to navy blue and gray, and offers cotton for day versus mohair and new types of jacquard for the evening. all while highlighting textile innovations; the label keeps in mind the idea of comfort notably through pajama-suits. music from fashion show interview paul surridge : the starting point is really looking at what’s happening in fashion right now, wanting to give a younger customer some kind of motive to go out and buy a new suit, we all have a blue suit, we all have a gray suit; so i see there is a big investment in social activity post work and events and people want to be social again and they are investing in that, so we started looking at event wear but obviously making it sporty and introducing a more athletic approach to it and also the whole idea that a younger guy can still be elegant but rock up at a party with his own attitude. talking about opposites, we have the daywear, which is super pastel but it’s on heavy cotton so again playing with color on the weight of the fabric but they are kind of authentic, traditional cottons and in the eveningwear we have traditional mohair but it’s all been intersected with taffeta details but it’s polyester so it’s younger urban and then there’s a key inspiration which we use for fabric development which are these new jacquard textures.