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What's Up - Balenciaga unveils its 'CLONES' show Spring / Summer 2022

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Balenciaga unveils its ‘clones’ showspring/ summer 2022demna gvasalia does nothing like other peoplehe delivers a digital fashion show on sunday 6th junequestions around the real and the deepfakein the era of filters and technologieswhat’s new?a singular model,artist and muse of the designer, eliza douglas,digitally cloned and deepfaked on all the modelswhat not to missa non-gendered collectionaround black versus colourdemna gvasalia plays with contrasts+ ultra dark and protective clothingwith wide volumes, straps, scarvesversus printed and colourful dressesthe silhouette that sums everything upthe sublime red dresswith large volume at the bottomwhat will make a buzz‘this is not a gucci bag’the continuation of the gucci & balenciaga collaborationor with gucci bags bearing the ‘bb’ initialsa focus onnew accessoriesfrom bags to plastic baskets made of leathermusique issued from the balenciaga fashion show (only to be used in the context of these fashion shows, covered under the right to information)